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Featured Tea: LATIN LOVER

Latin Lover Tea

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Womans'' Tea

When the time comes, and our wisdom calls us to the paths that renew, restore and rebalance, this Silva Spoon tisane understands hot flushes, headaches, tiredness and stress. A delicious organic herbal infusion of lemon balm, red clover flowers and sage. The perfect tea for the menopausal woman!

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"Terroir" is the French word used to describe the characteristics of the plantation upon which the tea is grown, deriving from the late Latin term "terra", which means land.

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What is tea?

Tea is a plant that is cultivated extensively across the world. The use of its leaves in an infusion was wide spread long before it made its way to the West and long before it became the focus of scientific study, taking on significant political and economic importance for the countries involved in its trade. Prescribed by apothecaries and used in temples during sessions of meditation, it helped to inspire artists, poets and potters and travelled with the caravans to the most remote regions of Asia.

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