The Antioxidant Powerhouse that is Matcha Green Tea

Match Green Tea – Why is it so good? Matcha, though, is not simply “powdered green tea” – as some would have you believe. It is an extremely high-grade product made painstakingly from the very finest of raw materials. Only the best quality leaves are harvested from plants specially grown in the shade. After they are harvested, they are then laid out flat to dry. Once dried, the leaves are laboriously deveined and finely milled. Producing a mere 30 grams of matcha green tea from this process can take as long as an hour.

This superior product provides green tea’s maximum benefits, as it is made with the whole herb. Furthermore, it contains at least 3 times more antioxidants than run of the mill green tea (and up to 137 times more!!!).

Green tea’s biggest health benefit is it’s antioxidants (a word you hear often, but likely don’t understand). An antioxidant (according to Collins dictionary) is a substance, like vitamins C or E, that counters the damaging effects of oxidation in a living organism. One group of these antioxidants, called catechins, work better than both vitamins E and C for stopping and repairing oxidative stress in the body and preventing illness – and this is precisely the antioxidant you will find by the bucketload in green tea.

We can see why 1 cup of Matcha Green Tea is equivalent to 8 cups of green tea.