Sencha Green Tea – Hot or Cold

Sencha green tea is known to have an unfastened leaf. It is a type of green tea that is blithely vapoured and bowled. The Japanese people use the sencha tea as an all-around tea in their households. This type of green tea is drunk warm during the winter season or whenever it is cold. Another way to drink this type of green tea is over ice whenever it is the summer or if the weather is warm.

Brewing Warm Sencha Green Tea

The first step in making warm sencha tea is to prepare your water. In a tea pot or any type of pot, put in your water and keep it heated and bring it to a boil. After this, you shouldn’t put it directly your cup of sencha tea. You should first let it calm in an empty cup. This is a very important step because it can eliminate chlorine from the water.

Using a measuring tool to know the water heat or just judging by the way the steam looks like is important in this next step. For a first-class sencha green tea, the waters’ temperature should be around 160°F. When this state is reached, you would notice that the steam is twisted and going upwards. For regular sencha green tea, the waters’ temperature should be around 185°F. By this time, the steam should be dominantly straight going upwards.

Below is the estimated brewing time for warm sencha green tea.

Sencha green tea that is first-class has a greater capacity to endure more potency and lengthier brewing period at lesser heat. A gram of first-class sencha tea should be brewed for about 120 seconds for every ounce of warm water. For regular sencha green tea, a gram should be brewed for only 60 seconds for every ounce and a half of warm water. Second brewing for both should last for about half a minute.

Brewing Cool Sencha Green Tea

The first method to brew cool sencha green tea is to do the warm brewing first with two-folds of the green tea used but same volume of water. After the said method, just put it over ice and enjoy!

The second method to brew cool sencha tea is using chilled water.

The third method to brew cool sencha tea is using ice.

Pros And Cons of sencha green tea cool brewing:
Brewing the green tea over ice can alter the tea’s contents. This just means that there will be lesser health benefits since detoxifying agents will be lesser in low temperature. There will also be lesser caffeine which makes it hard to stay awake or stay energized for the day. Cool green tea means lesser benefits, but from the two, this method of brewing is best in flavor and taste.