Matcha Green Tea – the good and the bad

Is There A Bad Side To Matcha Green Tea? There is an upside and a downside to most things. So what are the benefits and precautions when it comes to something as healthy as Matcha Green Tea. Sipping on several cups of matcha green tea throughout the day can greatly reduce your chances of getting different types of cancers such as lung, skin, colon, stomach, breast, prostate, ovarian, brain and pancreatic!

The tea is also helpful when it comes to trying to cleanse the body from toxins, chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals and waste from the body naturally while nourishing it back up again so your immune system can work at its best to help keep the body healthy and strong. The potent nutrients in matcha green tea even have the ability to help relieve stress naturally from the body and mind when the tea is sipped on throughout the day. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in this tea, it is also helpful to drink when ill with the cold or flu due to its ability to help boost the immune system to help fight off the infections in the body better. If you are looking to fight fatigue or give the body a boost of healthy energy, matcha green tea contains plenty of caffeine and catechins in it too do just that naturally and safely.

Precautions When Drinking Matcha Green Tea

People who drink too much matcha green tea throughout the day may have trouble falling asleep at night or get tremors due to the high amount of caffeine in the tea. Drinking too much of this tea daily may also increase heart rates. Overall, matcha green tea is relatively safe to drink to help keep you healthy naturally.