When is a tea not a tea? When it is a herbal tea! Herbal teas are in a special category of their own, called tisanes. They are not blended from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, in the way that black, Oolong and green teas are. Instead, herbal tisanes include any drink made by infusing herbs or spices into hot water. They date back thousands of years in both Egypt and China and have health-promoting benefits and nutrients. Many varieties are naturally caffeine-free, which means that late-night tea treat won’t keep you up!

At the Silva Spoon tea and coffee emporium, we love our herbal tisanes! Not just for their healthy-body-vibes and bewitching aromas, but for that refreshing taste.

Try our zesty peppermint blend for a sweet tonic that aids digestion. For an uplifting moment of clarity in your busy day, sit down with a lemongrass herbal tinsane and enjoy the citrus scent. When your eyes need a break and it’s time to drift toward sleep, there’s nothing more soothing than the soft soft floral taste of organic dried flowers from the chamomile bush. 

Peppery and piquant, our blend of Tumeric Root with spicy ginger and black pepper, is prized for its medicinal healing properties. Delicious brewed on water in a pot, or frothed in a jug on almond milk and sweetened with honey.

Settle back with a healthy herbal tisane and feel the benefits today.

Herbal Tea – Health Benefits

Herbals teas are renowned for their healing properties, and each tisane has it’s own specialty. Since ancient times, the medicinal properties of different plants have been used to aid our wellbeing and promote good health.

Herbal teas can offer relaxation and aid sleep, like the Chamomile plant. They can also lift and energize your mind and boost your immune-system against colds and chills. Some teas promote good digestion and gut flora.

Body-healthy boosters like natural anti-inflammatory compunds, antioxidants, nutrients and minerals fill your herbal tisane. Combined with the floral and aromatic delights of fresh herbs and flowers, a sweet cup of tisane may be just what you’re after!

Herbal Tea