What better way to wake in the morning is there, than with a steaming cup of hot, black tea?

The camellia sinensis plant (which is the basis for most black, Oolong and green teas) is fully fermented in Black tea. This gives the tea a stronger and more full-bodied taste. As a result, the tea also has slightly more caffeine for that morning pick-me-up! The first black tea variety dates back to the seventeenth century, when Lapsang Souchong was created. This famous tea was borne when green tea was dried longer than usual and then smoked over pine needle fires. For centuries since, the aromatic temptation of this black tea has been an everyday delight around the world.

Our five China Black varieties are each distinct and lovely. Try our China Rose blend with dried rose petals for a sweet, floral and lush traditional Chinese tea. Take advantage of the digestive health benefits of an ancient Pu-erh tea, with it’s rich, earthy aroma. If you love a sweet and spicy aroma, give the classic taste of our Superior Yunnan tea your first pick. Feeling fancy? Why not try the Prince of Wales blend of Keemun & Oolong. This mild but full-bodied black tea was derived for Edward Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII).

Begin your day in the traditional way – with the enticing aroma of a China Black tea from the Silva Spoon.

China Black Tea – Health Benefits

Tradtional Chinese medicine have used black teas to aid in digestion and to reduce cholesterol. It is also said to enhance blood vessel elasticity and strength. The caffeine is known to reduce fatigue and stimulate the central nervous system, giving you the perfect pick-me-up to get going in the morning.

Chai Tea