Our Ayurvedic Infusions deliver a dose of vitality to your body and mind. Based on the ancient alternative medicines of India, ayurvedic blends are tisanes of carefully chosen herbs and plants. Hot water draws the medicinal properties of these traditional healing plants into your tea and this, in turn, promotes good health and wellbeing. These special blends are chosen exclusively by our in-house tea master, Gina.

Balance your digestive system and detox your body with a refreshing Teatox infusion. We include flowers, root, ginger and also spearmint, to give your metabolism a boost. Energise your senses with our blended tisane of lemongrass, ginger and hibiscus if you have a busy lifestyle.

Feeling under the weather? Order an immune supporting blend of echinacea, rosehip, yarrow, cinnamon, calendula, orange peel and alfalfa. Our Immune Booster tea is the perfect winter infusion.

Rest and rediscover your vitality with a hot cup of tea. Shop Ayurvedic Infusions for the perfect blend.

Ayurvedic Infusions – Health Benefits

A soothing combination of medicinal herbs and botanics go into our Stress Less Infusion. It is designed to calm the nerves and promote relaxation in times of stress and restlessness by aid of Chamomile and St. John’s Wort, along with specially selected herbs.

Our Divine infusion includes the celestial, heavenly blend of Tulsi (Holy Basil), the most sacred plant in India which is incorporated into religious rituals. We blend this with Orange, Ginger and Rose Petals to promote benefits for mind, body and spirit.

If Fitness is your goal, try our brisk and vitalising herbal infusion. This healthy tea includes green rooibos, basil, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and pepper with a hint of apple and citrus.

Our extensive ingrediant list includes calendula flowers, red clover, nettle, dandelion root, lemongrass, hibiscus, elderflower, spearmint & ginger, basil, cardamon, cinnamon, citrus and apple. Chamomile, vervain, hops, lime blossom, St. John’s Wort, oat straw, skullcap, orange peel, rose petal and lavender, along with many more.

There are many health benefits associated with infusions of herbal and fruit teas. As such, our Ayurvedic Infusions aim to encapsulate the best of these ingrediants.

We include individual plants that promote mental and physical wellbeing so you can get the best out of your tea, and out of your busy day!

Ayurvedic Infusions