Winner of 5 Gold Medals in the 2017 & 2018 Golden Leaf Awards! inc. Best Tea House in QLD

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Voted Best Teahouse in Queensland

The Golden Leaf Awards is the only professional tea competition in Australia.

These awards distinguish the best-tasting teas commercially available in the Australian marketplace.


2018 Winner. Best house in queensland, 3rd year running

In 2018 the compeition was made up of over 360 of the most respected names in the industry.
The Silva Spoon was awarded 2 Gold Medals:


2017 Winner. Best house in queensland, 2nd year running

In 2017 The Silva Spoon was awarded 3 Gold Medals:


2015 Winner. Best house in queensland

The inaugural Golden Leaf Awards were launched at The Australian International Tea Expo in 2015, and saw 200 entries across 36 categories. In that year, among tough competition, The Silva Spoon was awarded Best Teahouse in Queensland.